Orion VII
Orion VII Diesel
Orion VII
Years of manufacture 2001-2007
Length 32.5, 35, 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Diesel Electric
Hybrid, CNG

The Orion Bus Industries Orion VII is the flagship product for Orion Bus Industries. Starting in 2001, the Orion VII is marketed as a low floor bus to the North American market. It is based on the Orion VI true low floor bus design. Like the Orion VI, the Orion VII allows passengers in mobility aids to easily board by the use of a mechanical ramp located at the front of the bus.

Instead being a true low floor bus, the Orion VII has a step up at the rear section of the bus that provides additional passenger seats and standee capacity (similar to a D40LF). This also allowed for full regular 125 gallon (473 L) tank and the use of the standard rear axle design that was more closely related to the Orion V instead of the separate control rear axle used in the now discontinued Orion VI bus product.

In 2007, Orion redesigned the exterior to incorporate more stylish features such as an updated front and rear end and frameless windows, now called the Orion VII Next Generation. At the same time, the old styling of the Orion VII ceased production as Orion focused on the new and improved Next Generation Model.


Model Number Length
(feet, inches)
07.501 40' 10.5" 12,459
07.502 35' 11" 10,947
07.503 32' 5" 9,881



  • Length: 30’, 35’, 40’
  • Width: 102"
  • Height: 118.5” over roof hatch (Diesel), 135” (CNG), 132” (Hybrid)
  • GVWR: 42,540 lb
  • Overhang (f/r): 86,5” front, 118” rear (incl. bumper)
  • Wheelbase: 190” (30’), 226” (35’), 286” (40’)
  • Turning Radius: 29’-8” - 43’-3”
  • Step Height (f/r): 14.5” from ground, 11” kneeled
  • Floor Height (aisle): 15.5”

Engine Options

Transmission Options

Hybrid Sytem Options

Energy Storage

  • Hawker XT sealed lead-acid batteries (2003-2007)


  • Thermo King (rear mount); AC 108.000 BTU, Heat 95.000 BTU, Defroster 59.000 BTU


  • Full air ride


  • Front Meritor FH946 16,500 lb
  • Rear Meritor 61163 28,600 lb


  • “S” Cam Drum, Auto Slack Adjusters

Electrical System

  • Solid State Multiplex 24 V

Tire Size

  • 305/70 R 22.5


  • Front (Slide Glide) 36.5”
  • Rear (Slide Glide) 36.5”


  • Front entrance 32” x 44”, flip out

Fuel Tank Capacity

  • 125 US Gallons (Diesel)
  • 100 US Gallons (Hybrid)

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