Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC), is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, USA. There are today two individual divisions that share this name: the off-highway division which is owned by Tognum, which EQT IV formed along with MTU Friedrichshafen, and the on-highway division which is owned by Daimler Group Germany.

Detroit Diesel was part of the Freightliner - Trucks NAFTA Business Unit of DaimlerChrysler until it was split into two. The on-highway part of Detroit Diesel remains a part of this division, with the sale of the off-highway division to EQT IV.

The company produces on-highway medium and heavy-duty diesel engines for the commercial truck market, and for other commercial and automobile use. Engines range from 170 to 515hp (127 to 384kW) for the on-highway market. The Series 60 has been the market share leader since 1992, and combined with the MBE 4000 has 27% of the Class 8 market. Worldwide there are over 800,000 Series 60's, and over 350,000 MBE 900's, in operation.

Detroit Diesel has supplied motors to many transit buses including, but not limited to, Classics, D40LFs, and Orion VIIs.

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Detroit Diesel
Current Products DD15 - Series 60 - MBE 900 - MBE 4000
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