The Cummins ISM is a straight-6 10.8-liter diesel engine designed and produced by Cummins. The ISM is the product of applying the Interact System to improve the M11. Changes include a dual-pulse fuel injection for improved fueling quality to the power cylinder and a redesigned piston bowl. The ISM is still often known as Cummins M11 engine.

The Cummins ISM is available in 4 different configurations, with slightly different emphasis on maximum horsepower (450 vs. 500) and peak torque.


  • ISM 280
  • ISM 330

Current Products

Diesel ISB - ISC - ISL - ISM
CNG B Gas Plus - ISL G
Propane B LPG Plus

Former Products

Diesel B5.9 - C8.3 - L10 - M11 - VTB-903
CNG B5.9G - C8.3G - L10G - C Gas Plus - L Gas Plus