The Cummins ISC is a straight-6 diesel engine with 8.3 liters in displacement. The ISC went into production in March 1998. It was built off its predecessor, the C8.3 engine using the Interact System, which combined advanced electronic engine controls, high-pressure fuel injection and heavy-duty components. It improved power, fuel economy, reliability and durability.

By late 2003, Cummins announced that they will revise the engine to sport a High-Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) system to help with emissions and also a variable geometry turbocharger system to help with the performance on this engine.

The Cummins ISC also has a sister engine which is designed off the existing 8.3 liter block which runs on compressed natural gas. This is the Cummins C8.3G.


  • ISC 240
  • ISC 260
  • ISC 285
  • ISC 300
  • ISC 315

Current Products

Diesel ISB - ISC - ISL - ISM
CNG B Gas Plus - ISL G
Propane B LPG Plus

Former Products

Diesel B5.9 - C8.3 - L10 - M11 - VTB-903
CNG B5.9G - C8.3G - L10G - C Gas Plus - L Gas Plus